Product Listing

Our lamb is processed at the provincially inspected Heart Valley Processors in Wanham Alberta.  It is then cut and packaged in our provincially inspected meat shop.

The lamb carcass is broken down into four different primal cuts consisting of the lamb front and flank, lamb loin and lamb leg from which derive the various lean and tender cuts of lamb that would be a delicious centerpiece for your dinner table!

If you would like a particular cut of lamb that is not on the product list or would like a cut prepared in a special way, just let us know and we would be glad to prepare your request for you.

Lamb Front And Flank

  • Lamb shoulder whole
  • Lamb shoulder arm steaks
  • Lamb shoulder blade steaks
  • Lamb shoulder roast
  • Lamb shoulder roast boneless
  • Lamb shoulder roast stuffed
  • Lamb neck slices
  • Lamb shank
  • Lamb riblets
  • Lamb flank with stuffing
  • Lamb flank rolled boneless
  • Lamb cubes for kabobs
  • Lamb cubes for stew
  • Ground lamb

Lamb Leg

  • Lamb leg whole
  • Lamb leg roast
  • Lamb leg roast boneless
  • Lamb leg steaks
  • Lamb leg sirloin chops
  • Lamb leg sirloin chops boneless
  • Lamb leg sirloin roast
  • Lamb leg sirloin roast boneless

Lamb Loin

  • Rack of lamb
  • Lamb rib roast
  • Lamb crown roast
  • Lamb frenched rib chops
  • Lamb rib chops
  • Lamb loin roast boneless
  • Lamb loin chops

Whole and Half Lamb

If you would like to order a whole or half lamb, just let me know and I would be glad to prepare the lamb to your cutting specifications. If you are unsure of the different cutting options, I would be more than happy to guide you and provide recommendations to prepare your request!

Variety Meats

Variety meats are the various organs such as liver, heart, tongue, kidneys etc. With variety meats, freshness is essential to quality and flavor. I will always have some available but since fresher is better, just call me with your request and I will ensure the freshest variety meats for you!


Specialty Items

  • Lamb jerky
  • Lamb donair
  • Lamb marinated skewers
  • Lamb sausage and breakfast patties
  • Lamb shishlicki
  • Lamb meatloaf